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14 - Secondary Glazing

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Melinex Secondary Glazing Kit. Exclusive product.
Melinex Secondary Glazing Kit. Exclusive product. A very reasonably priced secondary glazing kit. NOW A LARGER KIT AVAILABLE TOO!!

Consists of 10 metres of 1500mm wide glass clear melinex (The Rolls Royce of Plastics) with 40mtrs of double sided tape.
The standard kit is sufficient for a massive 8 windows measuring 1500 x 1000mm.

Cut the Melinex with scissors, place the double sided tape around the outer frame making sure the sheeting doesn't foul on handles and other fittings, place the melinex onto the tape and you have an excellent thermal barrier. Please be careful in the spring if you remove the tape as it can pull the paintwork away.

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Double Sided Tape
Double Sided Tape With an aggressive acrylic adhesive, our double side tape is intended for use with our flexible glazing materials, EG: Multiglass, Melinex and Supple PVC sheeting.

This is an effective and economic method of fixing sheeting for the winter as secondary glazing but please check a small area first as it could well strip ageing or poorly primed paintwork and we cannot accept responsability for this.

Available 12mm or 25mm wide. Click on the Heading to see the options. Click to see...

Filmglaze the Hairdryer System
Filmglaze the Hairdryer System Three pack sizes to choose from, this extremely economical method of secondary glazing has always been our Best Seller. Click to see...

Magnetic Fixing System
Magnetic Fixing System A clever and well proven method of fixing plastic sheeting to window frames (usually acrylics up to 4mm) for effective secondary glazing. One half is a narrow rubberised magnetic tape and the other half is a steel shim. Stick the rubber tape around the edges of the plastic and the steel shim around the window frame. It is then easy to remove the panels for ventilation or cleaning. Click to see...

(NEW) Easyglaze Glass or Acrylic Edging System
(NEW)     Easyglaze Glass or Acrylic Edging System 3mm or 4mm Edging system in White or Clear, pack includes turnbuttons and screws.

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Clear All Purpose Suction Pads (Pack of 10)

Clear All Purpose Suction Pads (Pack of 10)

Ref: 871
Perfect for attaching bubbleglaze inside greenhouses where traditional fixing methods are not possible. Great for display purposes and the 20mm distance between the surface you stick it too and the material you are using is a perfect gap for insulation. The stem of the suction pad marries up perfectly with our plastic eyelets so that two can help make a tidy job.

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allplas >  14 - Secondary Glazing

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